The Beach…ep 8

The beach is a  peaceful escape. Feel the warmth of the sun as it welcomes a new day. Gently relax to the sound of the waves rolling in. This is an opportunity to set a new intention and begin the week with positivity. I hope you enjoy this relaxing meditation Duration is approximately  15 mins... Continue Reading →

Into the light…ep 7

Feel the energy of Mother Earth cleanse and release you from the pressures of the week. Taking you on a journey into the light within, become aware in the present moment and find freedom in this space. I hope you enjoy this beautiful, relaxing meditation Love and light Nat xx

Autumn Leaves…ep 6

This is a gentle meditation of about 15 mins, enjoy a walk and connect with your awareness.  Create the space for peace, healing and transformation. Autumn leaves allows your mind to let go and just be. Love and light Nat x

Jump…ep 5

Todays meditation will leave you feeling light and relaxed. Taking some time to just jump, as you feel yourself rise and fall landing safely on the soft bouncy ground. Just 15 mins out of your day and re-connect with your inner guidance. Create the space for peace, healing and transformation. Love and Light Nat xx

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