Full Moon Bonfire…ep 12

The full moon is a symbol of the end of a cycle, the time to release old ways of thinking and feeling. Every month we have the opportunity to begin again. Setting a new intention that will pave the way for the month ahead. This week as we come into the full moon on the... Continue Reading →

Outer Planet Salt Cave…ep 11

Continuing the theme of Salt Caves here is a slightly longer meditation that will take you out of our solar system and into unknown parts of the universe. This one is for my Thursday night meditation group and a little extra bonus this week. Ladies as promised 🙂 Feel your self expand as you take... Continue Reading →

Salt Cave…ep 10

Filled with healing properties, this journey into the salt cave will leave you with a feeling of relaxation and healing. Let go of the tension, stress and worry you have been carrying around with you and surrender to the salt cave energy. This meditation runs for 16 mins I hope you enjoy. Love and light... Continue Reading →

Clearing Tension…ep 9

If you have had a big week and are really ready to let go of any tension or pressure your body is feeling then sit back and get yourself confortable. Take a journey into your own body and discover the source of your tension. Release, forgive and let go. Honouring the emotions and intuition that... Continue Reading →

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