Tranquil Waterfall…ep 18

Have you had a big week? Do you need a meditation that will leave you feeling peaceful and at ease with everything? A dragon fly is your guide on this journey through a forest to a beautiful waterfall where you find a secret cave hidden behind the falls. Inside this cave you will receive a... Continue Reading →

Winter Solstice…ep 17

Thank you to everyone who has given suggestions and feedback about this podcast. I feel extremely grateful that you are getting benefit from listening to these guided meditations. Please share them with your friends and family as this creates the ripple effect. These meditations help you connect with your intuition and awareness and will guide... Continue Reading →

Ocean Release…ep 16

Todays meditation begins in the Throat Chakra. Feel the energy of the blue vibration  as you begin your journey within. Connecting to a deeper part of yourself, you are taken to a beautiful blue ocean with a pod of whales. Their grace and beauty is mesmerising,  their wisdom runs deep and they offer guidance. Spending... Continue Reading →

Set Your Intention…ep 15

Today I release this for the new moon. A new moon is the time to lay the foundation for the month ahead. Stating your intention or taking time out to write them down can be a powerful ritual each month. This ritual will give structure to your thoughts and lead to a more positive experience... Continue Reading →

Balance Yin & Yan…ep 14

We have two sides to our being, opposing forces that work in harmony to create you. These energies can get out of balance and the effect can be strongly felt. Today we will spend some time understanding these two aspects of ourselves and visualise them coming back into balanced harmony. Look deep within and see... Continue Reading →

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