Body Awareness…022

Are you looking to discover your body awareness, or practice this wonderful skill of becoming aware of your body. I understand that this may be a little challenging for some of you and others will easily pick it up. When your brain perceives an event as stress, your body often reacts by becoming tense. Body... Continue Reading →

Heart Temple Wish…021

Deep within you is a temple that holds the energy of your heart. Your hearts desires are found inside. Today you have an opportunity to make a wish during this meditation, a powerful energy can be set into motion when you create inside your heart temple. Meditation duration approx. 18 mins Enjoy Love and light... Continue Reading →

Mindfulness Healing Meditation…ep 20

Are you running a pattern that is no longer serving you? Is there an emotion that fills your day and distracts you from feeling peace? Would you like to clear and release this during a meditation? Today we have a mindfulness healing meditation that will help you let go of this old program. During the... Continue Reading →

Chakra Sunrise…ep 19

Are your Chakras balanced? Do you feel aligned? After this meditation all you Chakras will be cleansed, clear, aligned and balanced. Its as easy as settling down in your comfortable chair and listening to this meditation. Take a journey through the sunrise and feel the colours run through you activating your Chakras. Leaving you feeling... Continue Reading →

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