The Stream…027

Dance a path through a rainforest,where you find a crystal clear stream flowing with warm inviting water. Float in the warm waters of this beautiful stream surrounded by the lush forrest and feel your connection to Mother Earth as she carries you down stream to the beach. Here you will discover your deep connection to... Continue Reading →

Three Stones…026

Are you looking for an opportunity to¬†receive guidance from your higher self. During this meditation you will be shown three stones with messages especially designed for you. Release and surrender to the information that is given, the deeper meaning will present itself. Meditation duration approx. 23 mins Love and light P.S. Please rate us on... Continue Reading →

Release an old habit…024

Grab a sheet of paper. Write on the paper a habit or a belief¬†you have that you would like to change, something that is no longer serving you. What would it feel like if this habit or belief were no longer a part of your life? How would your life change? Think about this before... Continue Reading →

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