The Waterfall…030

Journey up stream through a canyon and notice the harshness of a frozen river. As you begin to connect with the Universal Energy feel the power this connection has over your body. This meditation is all about the experience of contrast as you enter a barren and extreme environment and witness how your powerful connection... Continue Reading →

The Great Lake Temple…029

The great lake temple meditation is a beautiful way to connect with your solar plexus chakra. On this journey we leave our heavy body behind and float weightlessly into the light. With the opportunity to see a reflection of self, we will be met by our guide and chaperoned across the great lake ┬áto the... Continue Reading →


Are you grounded in your own energy? Have you ever wondered how to ground yourself? Grounding your energy can have a dramatic effect on your emotional state of being, by bringing your energy back into alignment with the Earths magnetic energy field. During this meditation feel the roots grow from your feet and dive deep... Continue Reading →

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