Dance through the colours…038

Colours are powerful energy and have the ability to clear and release energy blockages that we hold in our energy field. Working with the colours today you will let go of tension pressure and worry and create a safe place where you can nurture yourself, become aware of your energy and  how the colours effect your... Continue Reading →

Deep Dream Forest…037

Staying focused can be quite challenging sometimes. The practice of meditation can strengthen your ability to remain focused for longer during those times focus is required. In this meditation you will drift through the forest, connect with your consciousness as you walk the path.  A maze of contemplation is before you and all it requires... Continue Reading →

Cut The Ties That Hold You Back…035

Have you noticed that your energy is feeling low and you are not sure if there is something preventing you from moving forward? Did you know you can cut cords with people, places and memories and return your energy back to you? Returning your energy is powerful and can be felt immediately. We spend all... Continue Reading →

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