Dandelion Fields…050

Have you had a big week? Are there little niggles you just can't seem to get onto of? Would you like to sit and relax for the next 20 mins and just let it all go? Dandelion Fields Meditation is going to take you on a relaxing walk through your mind, as you release tension,... Continue Reading →

Flower Gardgen Animal Guide…049

Let the tension from the week float away as you connect with the vibration of lavender oil today. This relaxing walk into the flower garden will allow you to let go of mind chatter and the pressures of life. Release the ego and allow your consciousness to bring your awareness to the present moment. Meditation... Continue Reading →

Butterfly Transformation…048

How has your week been? What are the things you would like to let go of? What would you like to invite in? Today's meditation will guide you through this process. As we integrate the vibration of Frankincense we drop into a relaxing peaceful space, where we let go of tension, pressure and worry. Allowing... Continue Reading →

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