Consult Your Shadow…053

Become body aware today as we connect with deeper aspects of our self. Watch a flower bloom and multiply till there are dozens of flowers all around you. Walk through the field and immerse in their energy. Notice that you are casting a shadow as you walk through this field of flowers. Observe the shadow... Continue Reading →

Emotional Release On The Beach…052

It is of great importance to release any emotions that arise. Our body only has one way of communicating with us and that is through emotions and feelings. ┬áTo ensure you continue to hear the whispers and attend to them early, releasing emotions as they come up ensures they do not become shouts and evolve... Continue Reading →

Connect with the sacred feminine…051

As a woman of today we can find it difficult at times to accept ourselves and we are our own worst critics. We have inherited from our ancestors the heavy burdens and beliefs of our past where woman were persecuted and stripped of their power. We carry the hurt for many within our Sacral Chakras.... Continue Reading →

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