Embodying Crystal Light Energy…056

Connecting deeply today we journey through the body and the emotions that are shown to us. Release what no longer serves us feel the weight lift of our shoulders and allow us to connect with the light. Enter a sacred space where we are becoming part of our own star filled universe. Flow with this... Continue Reading →

Release With Your Ancestors…055

Our ancestors are ready for us, they see that now is the time to awaken and free the ancestral line of the patterning that no longer serves us. We are living in a significant time and we can do this more easily now that ever before.

Crystal Deva Pyramid…054

Today we connect with the Crystal Devas and watch the Pyramid rise up out of the Earth. As you ascend the pyramid via the crystal stairs that glow under your feet, you let all the tension, pressure and worry. Todays meditation connects you with the Crystal Devas and the energy of the Morganite, a crystal... Continue Reading →

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