184 Purify your body with the yellow ray

Feel like you need a body purification? In today' guided meditation we use the yellow colour ray to move throughout your entire physical body. Connecting us to the sensation of continuous flow and abundance. Then we magnify this into the world around us. This is a great meditation for clearing our physical and emotional ailments and freeing up the body to be open to the new energy around us, inviting in abundance and flow.

183 Solar plexus release

The centre of emotion the solar plexus chakra is the focus of today's guided meditation. A fantastic meditation to connect, release and energise this chakra. Remove blockages and observe the energy. Ascend through the chakras and experience the energy upgrade.

181 Inner Child and self love

Today is about healing and making space for abundance to flow into our lives. Our self love is expanded and honoured our inner child nurture and loved, hear their guidance and offer wisdom.

180 Earth Angel Chant

Today's meditation will guide you to a space where we will use chant to clear and release. Release, cleanse and let go of the past to step into the new energy, prepared.

179 Heart Of Love

Connect to love and being loved in todays Guided meditation podcast. During this meditation you will be met by a loved one, and or ancestor that greets you with warmth and love. Sit in Circle in this space of love and send healing to yourself, your community and to the Earth.

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