Why Guided Meditation?

Have you tried meditation and failed? There is just to much going on up in your head and sitting down and not thinking is just not going to happen.

Did you know that you can be successful with meditation and you can still think?

Have you tried Guided Meditation?

Natalie Ubl Grant Meditation Group Thursday

Photo by Anya Woolgrove Photography

What is Meditation?

It is a common thought that the purpose of meditation is to reduce stress, to tune out and get away from it all. Have any of you thought that this is what the purpose of meditation is?

I have found that the real purpose of meditation is actually to tune in, and get in touch with yourself, who you are, what you really need and what emotions are coming up that need your attention. Meditation is more than just the de-stress button, it’s a way to find a peace within, a peace that spiritual traditions talk about that surpasses all understanding.

There is a space in between thought that can be achieved and meditation is a way to get in that space. You have a thought here, a thought here, and there’s little space between every thought. This space is where you connect with a deeper wisdom, a wisdom that connects us all.

According to spiritual traditions, this space between the thought is the window to the infinite mind – the ultimate wisdom that some people call the universe, spirit or God. We don’t have to use those terms, but it’s your core consciousness. And the more I learn about this space between thoughts, and connect with it the more I feel these things to be true:

  • It’s an energy field of infinite possibilities.
  • Everything is connected.
  • Infinite creativity and imagination can be felt and achieved here.
  • It is a place where we can connect to become the observer.
  • In this space you can create your reality
  • Here the feelings you dream up connect with are powerful and can give life to any new ideas.


In meditation, we sit in this space and have an opportunity to connect to that core consciousness within us. That’s what meditation is actually enabling us to do. With practice and patience you will be able to achieve this connection in a short amount of time.

Where to Meditate

With these guided meditations, you can plug in, close your eyes, and go within in. Any safe place you choose to do this will be perfect. 

When to Meditate

Morning and evening work best with our body’s natural rhythms. Our body knows how to connect, we just have to give it the time and space to achieve this. Studies show that routines begun in the morning last the longest, but any time you look forward to meditating is the right time. This is the most important point to make; you have to want to do it, if you are dreading the time, then this is not the way to approach meditation. Make it fun.

Should I Sit To Meditate

Being comfortable is most important. It is preferable to sit up straight on the floor or on a chair to keep you alert, but if you need to lie down, that is fine. The mind is conditioned that when you lay down you are going to sleep, so you may feel sleepy in this position. Your hands can relax on your lap, palms up or any way that you feel most confortable.


Thoughts are inevitable. Allow them to drift in and out. This is normal. Don’t try to do anything with them. If you find yourself thinking about what’s passing through your mind, just return to focusing on your awareness of breath and the guiding voice you are following – you will soon slip into the space between thoughts. Where you will connect with the core consciousness.


When we pay attention to our breath, we are in the present moment. In an unforced, natural rhythm, allow your breath to flow in and out, easily and effortlessly.

Meditation Length

Setting aside as little as 15 minutes a day is beneficial. Many schools of meditation prescribe 20-30 minutes of meditation twice a day.

Take your time there is no pressure, as your meditation practice evolves, you can extend your time. In the beginning taking a few minutes out of your day will make a huge difference and benefit to your life.

If you are looking for a regular meditation practice that will guide you gently on a journey so you can focus on a voice and keep the thoughts in check, Guided Meditation Podcast is here to assist.

Guided Meditation Podcast is dedicated to bringing beautiful, self empowering guided meditations to you weekly.

“Creating space for peace, healing and transformation.”

The Guided Meditations range from between 10 – 15 minutes and are different every week. Natalie Ubl Grant is guided to share these channeled meditations with you and her hope is that they enrich your life, help you connect with the deeper aspects of yourself and open your awareness so you can create the change you are looking for.

Natalie Ubl Grant



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    1. Thank you so much esoteriksky, and thank you for the song. Its beautiful. Sorry its taken me so long to reply. I had taken a break from the podcast for a little while. There will be more coming soon. I hope you have a wonderful day.


    2. Oh thank you so much esoteriksky, I only just listened to your beautiful music. I have had a break from this podcast and am in the process of creating more content for it to be launched in the coming month. Thank you so much for taking the time to play this piece for me. Did you write it? I hope you have a wonderful day. Love and light Nat


  1. Wonderful meditations. I listen to the podcast on Stitcher. However, the intro music is too loud. It has too much Bass. Otherwise it’s my favorite meditation podcast. Thanks for sharing the amazing experience.


    1. Thank you so much for your feedback. I am in the process of changing the intro music, I really appreciate you letting me know that it was too loud. This weeks podcast is a lovely one and I should have the new music to go with is. Thank you again


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