175 Obstacle Remover Meditation

Let's FEEL into our field today and and remove the obstacle that is coming up for you today. It could be preventing you from feeling free, light, open, or connected to love. Work with the obstacles that are not serving you and let's remove them together. obstacle /ˈɒbstək(ə)l/ Learn to pronounce noun a thing that blocks one's way or prevents or hinders progress.

174 Unconditional LOVE Connection

With all the CRAZY that is going on in the world right now with the Covid-19 (Corona Virus Outbreak), we are experiencing isolation and separateness. This is a time now more than ever to actively connect with unconditional love.

169 New Year Reset Meditation

Happy New Year Guided Meditation Podcast listeners.  May 2020 bring you many opportunities to experience presence. As always I will continue to bring you meditations that promote peace, healing and transformation. All the very best for the year ahead Love and light Nat 

167 Find your flow

Recognise the tension in your body and in recognising it you are able to let it go. Use the breath as a vehicle to remain in the present moment and as you work through this SIMPLE and QUICK meditation you will follow the prompts to remain focused on the now.


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