Winter Solstice…ep 17

Thank you to everyone who has given suggestions and feedback about this podcast.

I feel extremely grateful that you are getting benefit from listening to these guided meditations.

Please share them with your friends and family as this creates the ripple effect.

These meditations help you connect with your intuition and awareness and will guide you to insight that flows from within. The more people that awaken to their innate abilities the bigger the shift globally.

I hope you enjoy todays meditation… the focus is on the Winter Solstice the mark of the mid year, where the sun is low in the sky and we are experiencing the shortest days, here in the southern hemisphere.

Like our ancestors have done from the beginning of time, we honor the cycles and the seasons that remind us of the ever-changing flow of life that we are a part of.

Find yourself walking in the snow. Surrounded by falling snow crystals you immerse into this space and are able to release the past accept the future as it comes and create a new beginning right here in the present.

Meditation duration approx. 22 mins

Love and light

Natalie Ubl Grant


If you are interested in attending one of my live meditation groups in Buderim QLD Sunshine Coast Australia, please visit my website

Guided Meditation Podcast


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