Full moon Totem Pole Emotional Release…025

Just in time for the lead up to the full moon.

These meditations help you connect with your intuition and awareness and will guide you to insight that flows from within. The more you practice meditation the stronger your connection becomes to your inner guidance system.

The focus lately has been on releasing old worn out patterns and beliefs and making way for the new to flow into your life.

By becoming aware of our influence in each situation we find ourselves in, we are able to make appropriate changes in our own behaviour.

I hope you enjoy todays meditation, once again I am asking you to look at yourself closely and to identify something that is letting you down. It may be how you are thinking about something, or how you react to a family member, or a deeply rooted behaviour that is sabotaging you in some way.

Take this with you on your journey and give it to the universal energy. Let it go!!

Reach the space where you can create a new feeling or system and hard wire it to your subconscious so it recognises this new feeling or system as the way.

Once you reach the alpha / theta brain frequency you are able to do some amazing things with your mind. Healing and change can happen.

Do your best, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Allow the answers to come.

Meditation duration approx. 24 mins

Love and light

Natalie Ubl Grant


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