Journey Into The Sky…059

Become an observer of thought today. Release the hold that the mind chatter has over you.

Feel yourself glide deeper into the light, become lighter and lighter as you rise higher and higher till you find yourself floating amongst the stars. Guided toward a planet that attracts your attention. The landscape here is different to Earth, notice the colours and the feel of this new place.

Notice the signs and allow any resistance to release as you connect to how you are feeling while here in this new space.

A message is shared from one of your guided with regard to moving forward.

Allow the energy rising from the ground in this new planet to flow through you and fill you with light.

Meditation Duration Approx: 18 mins

Thank you again to the Light Tribe, this podcast is happening because of you.

Also if you would like to hear about any particular subject please either email me here or go to my Facebook page and leave me some suggestions there

Have a beautiful week

Love and light


Guided Meditation Podcast

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