Inner Child Flow…062

As you observe this scene you are given an opportunity to connect with your inner child. There is a message gifted to you and you are able to share wisdom with that tiny version of yourself.

Autumn Walk…061

Working our way through 2017 we are enjoying the Autumn season here in the Southern Hemisphere. Today we are guided to relax our whole bodies and let go of tension pressure and worry. Paying close attention to the effort our feet go to in our daily life. Step out of your shell and walk a... Continue Reading →

Tree Of Light…060

Guided through the darkness you follow the path that is light from within. As you glide through the darkness see the light as it expands and forms a Tree Of Light. You are drawn in by the energy of the tree and you are able to see the life force flowing. See the branches and... Continue Reading →

Journey Into The Sky…059

Become an observer of thought today. Release the hold that the mind chatter has over you. Feel yourself glide deeper into the light, become lighter and lighter as you rise higher and higher till you find yourself floating amongst the stars. Guided toward a planet that attracts your attention. The landscape here is different to... Continue Reading →

Release And Reset…058

Release tension, pressure and worry as you focus in on the breath. Take some time to notice your body and the skin you are in. Look and feel for the messages, the whispers that the body is sending you.

Embodying Crystal Light Energy Part 2…057

Following on from last weeks Embodying Crystal Light Energy meditation I just HAD to share this PART 2 meditation with you. LET'S GO DEEPER TODAY We are re-connecting with our crystalline body's at this time and connecting with this frequency to facilitate the transition can be difficult for some. So I channeled these meditations from... Continue Reading →

Embodying Crystal Light Energy…056

Connecting deeply today we journey through the body and the emotions that are shown to us. Release what no longer serves us feel the weight lift of our shoulders and allow us to connect with the light. Enter a sacred space where we are becoming part of our own star filled universe. Flow with this... Continue Reading →

Release With Your Ancestors…055

Our ancestors are ready for us, they see that now is the time to awaken and free the ancestral line of the patterning that no longer serves us. We are living in a significant time and we can do this more easily now that ever before.

Crystal Deva Pyramid…054

Today we connect with the Crystal Devas and watch the Pyramid rise up out of the Earth. As you ascend the pyramid via the crystal stairs that glow under your feet, you let all the tension, pressure and worry. Todays meditation connects you with the Crystal Devas and the energy of the Morganite, a crystal... Continue Reading →

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