Chakra Balance…ep 3

The Chakras are circular energy centers, where the soul connects to the physical. They rotate in a clockwise motion in your body from right to left. They are always moving, but can slow or even reverse if they are blocked.

Each chakra is associated with a certain part of the body and a certain organ, which it provides with the energy it needs to function. They also correspond to a specific aspect of human behavior and development. The lower chakras are associated with fundamental emotion and needs and they vibrate at a lower frequency. The upper chakras vibrate on a higher frequency and are associated with mental and spiritual aspirations.

A blockage in the energy flow of the chakras can lead to an imbalance and disharmony in our physical, mental and spiritual bodies. These disturbances can be caused by stress, trauma or a painful experience. If all of these chakras are balanced and clear your energy can flow freely and you will feel well and energised. When any of the chakras become blocked you can experience pain both emotionally and physically.

This 15 minute meditation will take you on a journey to unblocking the Chakras. Cleanse, clear align and balance you Chakras with this meditation today.

Love and light

Nat xx

Guided Meditation Podcast Square 2 with Natalie Ubl Grant


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