Set Your Intention…ep 15

Today I release this for the new moon. A new moon is the time to lay the foundation for the month ahead. Stating your intention or taking time out to write them down can be a powerful ritual each month. This ritual will give structure to your thoughts and lead to a more positive experience as you proclaim what you want for the month ahead. Be specific and choose your words wisely. You may want to write down your intention before you begin this meditation so you can have the wording the way you want it. Be sure to stay away from the words don’t, not and no and frame your statement with positive and intention driven clarity.

Take the time to observe your thoughts. Become aware you are separate from your thoughts. Did you know that when you practice meditation regularly this becomes easy, you know then that you have a choice of what you want to think about at any given moment during any given day.

This journey will give you an alternate perspective and create a space for peace, healing and transformation. Your perception is the key to living this peaceful experience on a daily basis. Perception is subjective, we all have our own perception about all situations based upon our filters (upbringing and experience, so the past).

Loose yourself and connect to this deeper aspect within, use the opportunity to set an intention for your week and month, shout it out into the universe and know that it is done.

Meditation Duration approx. 14 mins

Love and light

Natalie Ubl Grant


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