Heart Space Lotus Flower …031

Here is a chance to connect with the universal energy and create a flow of energy that will continuously fill your heart space on an endless loop.

Are you looking for an easy way to embrace meditation. Guided meditation is a perfect way to begin the path to mastering meditation practice. With a gentile guiding voice you can let the mind chatter be and become an observer of thought. Through the guided meditation you will be given beautiful imagery to create with your internal vision and escape from the distraction created by the mind.

Lotus flower heart space meditation is a gentile relaxing meditation that takes you on a journey within creating the connection to the universal energy. Become aware of your body and breathing and connect with your inner vision.

Submerge yourself in a warm pool in the centre of a beautiful rain forest. Float effortlessly in this space and release all tension, pressure and worry.  Connect to inner guidance from a guide.

Meditation duration approx 18 mins 

Love and light

Natalie Ubl Grant

Guided Meditation Podcast



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If you are interested in attending one of my live meditation groups in Buderim QLD Sunshine Coast Australia, please visit my website

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