Sound Bath Immersion …032 With Lynn Liniger

Today is a little special as I took some time to interview Lynn from Sound Alive Therapeutics with the intention to bring her Sound Bath to you all.

Have you heard about Sound Therapy?

Are you experiencing fatigue, stress or anxiety?

Sound Therapy Healing is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the mind and body with the objective of bringing them into a state of health and harmony.

This form of healing can have a profound effect on our bodies natural frequencies. According to Lynn, sound travels into the body and hypo stimulates the Nitric Oxide in the body and can interrupt patterns of tension and pain allowing the nervous system and muscles to relax into a normal state of being.

Sound waves created by Lynn’s instruments such as tuning forks, her voice, Himalayan (Tibetan), Crystal bowls and percussion instruments, travel effortlessly through the body. These harmonious, soft and gentle sounds that calm the whole body at a cellular level are experienced throughout a sound therapy session. This ‘sonic massage’ assists the system to balance itself by releasing the built up energy that can create imbalance and unhealthy conditions. Sound Therapy  is about retuning, therefore creating balance and allowing the body to find its own optimum vibration.

Lynn is a gentile soul with a real passion for Sound Therapy. You can feel this in her sessions. If you are interested in attending one of Lynn’s Sound Groups or have a one on one session with her please find her details below.sound-alive-theraputics-logo


Every 2nd Wednesday – 7 pm (starting 19th October)

Cost:  $15 per person

Sharespace Shop 3, 22 Beach Rd Maroochydore

Bookings Essential…

Contact Lynn

Ph: 0417 002 690


Sound Bath Immersion duration approx. 35 mins

If you have already listened to the interview and would like to revisit the SOUND BATH IMMERSION just scroll forward to 13 mins and the sound session will commence.

Love and light

Natalie Ubl Grant


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