Energy Flames…045

We begin today with the singing bowl and allow our bodies to talk to us.

By acknowledging any ache, pain, pressure or tension you will release them.
As you walk toward the doorway of light you feel your body relax. The relaxation flows all around you and the light cleanses and purifies your entire being.
Stepping down three steps you find yourself on a path, the further you walk the softer the path becomes. Leading you to a beach you notice your senses become alive. Crashing waves on the sand and the white foam touching your toes. Feel the rhythm of the waves fill your mind and allow the waves to carry thought away from your immediate awareness. This journey will guide you to a cave where there is a bright light shining from within. When you are ready you enter the cave, the energy draws you in.  Sitting by a beautiful fire at the centre of the cave is a council of 3 guides that await your presence.
Gazing into the flames these guides have a beautiful way of communicating with you. The more you focus the higher the fire grows, this is no ordinary fire. This fire is pure energy flames and it grows and flows and peels out all around the cave and you.
Spreading love, prosperity and growth to all who are ready to receive.
Reach deep within yourself and find freedom, wrap it around you and bring that feeling back through the doorway and back to your body. Heal your body and poor the energy into it.

Meditation duration is approx. 20 mins


I hope you enjoy this meditation. I would love to hear your feedback.

Love and light

Natalie Ubl Grant

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