Bring In The Light…044

The light is an important aspect of our existence. Light is the opposite of darkness, and has the ability to set you free.

Where there is light the darkness and negative energies just can not stay. The vibration is not a match for these lower level energies.

Rise above and bring in the light.

As we set out on this journey today we become aware of our energy vibrating all around our body. Watch as your chest rises and falls with each breath you take. Rise up high above your physical body and shift your awareness.

Feel your self slip into the light energy all around you, notice how you feel in this space, leaving the physical plane you find yourself standing at the top of a pyramid. Meet your guide from the light and receive a healing for your Heart Chakra. Allow the energy to flow through you and receive the healing. See the Symbol of transformation and let the experience take you away.

Connect with the essence of your source on a deep level.

Feel the freedom within.

Affirm “I am LIGHT”

Meditation duration is approx. 20 mins

Love and light

Natalie Ubl Grant

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