Release With Your Ancestors…055

Meditation Duration approx: 17 mins

Have you ever wanted to contact your ancestors?

Do you wonder what it would be like to work with them?

Meditation is a fantastic way to connect with our ancestors and when we do this regularly we are able to understand ourselves more clearly.

Our ancestors are ready for us, they see that now is the time to awaken and free the ancestral line of the patterning that no longer serves us. We are living in a significant time and we can do this more easily now that ever before.

Today we walk a path to connect with the ancestors, these may come through to you as loved ones passed or may be from what seems to be other times and places that you cannot pick. Either way, know that they are there to support you and show you what you need to see.

We bring forth that which is troubling and release it into the flames as we commune with our ancestors around a large fire in ritual and gain empowerment through wisdom.

When I give these meditations I encourage you to notice the signs. If you see an animal or a flower, look it up afterward and see the meaning if you are unable to understand clearly at the time.

Look at the messages you are given, you may even want to write down any guidance given, colours seen and emotions felt. This will give you more opportunity to connect with your ancestors and receive their messages more clearly.

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Thank you so much for being a part of this journey with me.

Love and light

Natalie Ubl Grant 




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