The Tower Release…076

Meditation duration approx. 20 mins

Today we discover your tower of release and relax into your connection with your higher self.

Place your hand on the door and ascend the spiral staircase. You make your way to the mid point of the tower and discover your balance. Observe the light and the dark and feel how your body feels as you are in this space. Notice what comes to mind, what do you see? Notice if there are any ties or hooks that you know you are ready to let go of. Notice in which direction they come from, is it the light or the dark? Just notice without assigning judgment, just have a curiosity about it. Then cut the hooks, ties or binds using an appropriate tool to achieve this.

Call forth the light and ask for all of your energy to be returned to you, your time fragments and hidden time fragments to be returned to you, your soul fragments and hidden soul fragments to be returned to you. Notice how this occurs and how you feel as this is done.

Continuing on your ascension of the tower till you reach the crystal at the top of the Tower.

I hope you enjoyed this meditation today,

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Have a beautiful week filled with peace, healing and transformation

Love and light

Natalie Ubl Grant

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