Healing Pyramid…071

Meditation duration approx. 20 mins

We begin todays meditation with the singing bowl.

Allow the vibration to flow through your body and find where the vibration resonates with your body. Allow an ultra violet light to flow through your body and each Chakra.

Visualise this energy as it flows through your entire being and connects you to the universal energy, balancing your energy. Connect with your one point, right in the centre of your Sacral Chakra. Shift your awareness so you are seeing this energy system flowing through out your body.

Move toward the Healing Pyramid made from Crystal and feel yourself suspended in the centre.

Look for the messages in the colours you are shown today. Here we are shown any physical or emotional ailments that are no longer serving us. Focus on what you are shown. Breath deeply as the vision intensifies and notice how you feel as you give this message your full attention. Notice your thoughts, and feeling. Give them no meaning just notice and be the observer. Then allow the energy of the pyramid to draw this ailment from your body. Watch it exit the crown of your head as it is pulled from your body. Feel the energy created by the Healing Pyramid flow back into the space that has been created by the release. Watch the energy fill up the space.

Feel the strength of the connection you have with the universal energy. Give the area you just released a new feeling and meaning. One that serves you well here and now.

I hope you enjoy todays meditation

We would love to hear your experience with these meditations, if you have time please leave a comment below.

In group we go round the circle and share our experiences with each other, this can help you to understand the symbology that is given during your meditation. It is also extremely healing to run through what you just experienced, giving you clarity and understanding.

Check out The Lightworker Podcast, where I share insights into being a Lightworker and interviews with soulful healers that offer their beautiful stories of awakening for us to listen to. I have found it so rewarding for my own personal growth to hear other Lightworkers stories of awakening I thought that you may enjoy them too.

Also if you would like to hear about any particular subject please either email me here or go to my Facebook page and leave me some suggestions there

Have a beautiful week filled with peace, healing and transformation

Love and light


Natalie Ubl Grant

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