095…Gold and Silver Rays

Meditation duration approx. 18 mins

Taking time to relax is more important than ever. If you feel like you want to get away and unwind then take a journey with Natalie Ubl Grant of Light Of Wellness.

This year is an 11/2 year in Numerological terms this is a year where we explore our two halves.

With todays guided meditation podcast we bring into balance the masculine and feminine energy that creates us.

Connect with the silver ray of the moon and the gold ray of the sun.

Balancing your feminine and masculine energies.

Understand you are both masculine and feminine and you have preconceived ideas about what it means to be either. 

This year is a wonderful year to let go of old beliefs and conditioning around the masculine roll and the feminine roll in our lives. By finding understanding that we are both and that each are equally as important to cultivate a happy life. Suppressing one over the other will lead to unhappiness or discontentment. Find the love for both from within. 

Embrace your whole nature, balance your energy and grow into the new light.

Live in balance and set yourself free. 

Love and light



We would love to hear your experience with these meditations, if you have time please leave a comment below.

In group we go round the circle and share our experiences with each other, this can help you to understand the symbology that is given during your meditation. It is also extremely healing to run through what you just experienced, giving you clarity and understanding.

Check out The Lightworker Podcast, where I share insights into being a Lightworker and interviews with soulful healers that offer their beautiful stories of awakening for us to listen to. I have found it so rewarding for my own personal growth to hear other Lightworkers stories of awakening I thought that you may enjoy them too.

Also if you would like to hear about any particular subject please either email me here or go to my Facebook page and leave me some suggestions there

If you want to connect with me further my Website is www.lightofwellness.com

Have a beautiful week filled with peace, healing and transformation

Love and light

Natalie Ubl Grant

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