Flower Gardgen Animal Guide…049

Let the tension from the week float away as you connect with the vibration of lavender oil today.

This relaxing walk into the flower garden will allow you to let go of mind chatter and the pressures of life. Release the ego and allow your consciousness to bring your awareness to the present moment.

Meditation Duration is approx. 20 mins

Throughout these meditations there will be symbology in the form of colours and imagery, I encourage you to look into the messages that are coming through by looking into the meanings of the animal oracle when you meet your animal guide today. I encourage you to also look at the colour meaning of the dominant colour that comes in through out this meditation, and the Flower meaning.

There is always insight given from your higher self and guides within these meditations. As I channel them you will follow and see lots of different interpretations. These interpretations are valid and will hold meaning for you, so explore it further.

We would REALLY LOVE to hear some of your interpretations if you have the time. This helps others to understand what they experienced too.

Thank you so much for coming on this ride.

If you would love more information about what Natalie Ubl Grant does and has to offer click the link and sign up for her Monthly News Letter by joining THE LIGHT TRIBE.

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey with me.

Love and light

Natalie Ubl Grant

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